Nordic Search Ltd & Clever Solutions Ltd Announce Cross-Marketing Partnership

Nordic Search Ltd is pleased to announce a new partnership with Clever Solutions Ltd. Partnership to include cross-marketing of Nordic Search Ltd SEO services and Clever Solutions Ltd IT solutions.

With the explosion of the Internet and its vast diversity of choices, both online consumers and businesses experience different challenges. To stand out from the crowd, companies of any size are continuously searching for ways to differentiate their products. Alternatively, online consumers are puzzled whom to trust.

Nordic Search believes the cross-marketing will not only open new markets and ensure the success of both of companies, but also enhance positive experience for the clients.

Clever Solutions Ltd offers high level technical support, quality software solutions and fast, round-the-clock services. Their offerings include:

  • International IT Consultancy
  • International IT System Administration
  • Document Management System
  • Project InLine
  • Software Development
  • It Security

Find out more about Clever Solutions Ltd, visit their website and make sure to follow them on Twitter at: @CleverSolutions.

Article By Daliborka Krstic

A new ‘shiver,’ this time from Facebook

You bought 11K ‘Likes’ for your Facebook fan page? New Facebook updates might not ‘Like’ it at all!

Recently Facebook updated its integrity system in order to prevent false Likes (Facebook Security page). The improved system wants to offer to fan pages and brand owners more accurate and measurable results of fan count and demographics.

This new method aims to identify and then take actions for suspicious Likes.

For instance, purchased (bulk) Likes or Likes gained by malware will be removed.

The company said the change will impact less than 1% of the Likes for any particular page.

The idea is that people connect only with those pages and brands they have chosen to connect. Here’s what Facebook update says:

“We have recently increased our automated efforts to remove Likes on Pages that may have been gained by means that violate our Facebook Terms. On average, less than 1% of Likes on any given Page will be removed, providing they and their affiliates have been abiding by our terms.”

The inventive process of buying Likes might seem a smart move. This could be especially attractive for new pages and brands in order to increase their online awareness. Buying fans however is similar to buying email list. You end up with a large number of people who actually don’t know anything about your business. Meaning, they will most likely never buy from you.

While any page or brand would like to have instant large number of followers, buying Likes may not be such a good idea. It may bring more harm than good. What works is to understand what motivates people and then give it to them. Two main reasons why you should not buy Facebook Likes are:

  1. It is against Facebook regulations.
  2. Bought Likes are not targeted.

People will not like your page only because you have 11K fans. They will like your page because it benefits them. Also, slowly increasing fan base gives you less of that “shiver” feeling.

Article By Daliborka Krstic