Track And Measure Social Success With Google Social Analytics

There are over 300 social tools. Socdir have listed about, well almost all of them. Which tool to use will mainly depend on your well defined social goals, and what are you trying to measure. Reporting, tracking and measuring social media outcomes can lead to extremely powerful results. With well selected social tools a company is able to:

  • Measure campaign effectiveness and its progress
  • Gather real-time data
  • Track results of every dollar spent
  • Determine what social media efforts work best
  • Help social media strategists adjust efforts to generate substantial revenue

There are payed and free-based social tools that offer a clear view of customer reach, volume and impressions, specific to business particular needs. If you or your company is confused which tools to use to track and measure social success, have a look at free Google Social Analytics tools.

Track & Measure With Google Social Analytics

Google Social Analytics introduces a new feature for tracking, analyzing and measuring basic, yet very essential social behavior online. The parameters are based around four main elements, which according to Google Analytics define your social impact. This includes:

Sources & Pages: Identify networks & communities where people engage with your content.
Conversions: Measure the value of social by tracking your goals, conversions and e-commerce transactions.
Social Plugins: Measure your on-site user engagement.
Social Visitors Flow: Compare traffic volumes and visitor traffic patterns through your site.

With the new social reports you can analyze how social media impacts your business. Its overview helps you follow on-site and off-site user interaction, you can see how much conversion value is generated from social media channels and it helps you follow social visitors behavior and flow. For example, you can track the social behavior from the moment you start running a campaign.

To set up Social Analytics reporting you should first have Google Analytics account. Then, before you start tracking and measuring you need to have a clear statement of social goals and determine key metrics. This will help you easier set up social analytics report, measure and track the most important social efforts, and it will help you better justify spent money on a campaign, or time spent with social media marketing efforts.

Article by: Daliborka Krstic