How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest has one major power, it drives traffic to your website.

If your business relies on driving high volume traffic, then you should consider joining Pinterest. Actually, anyone who wants to promote a product, service, or a business can benefit from Pinterest.

For all those who are not familiar, Pinterest is a highly visual social network. It is used for “pinning” or sharing visually interesting images. This is how it works:

  1. Users find on the web an image they like. For example, they could like an image you just uploaded to your site.
  2. With the bookmarklet, pinners (users) pin your image. The image is now visible on their Pinterest board.
  3. When others on their pinboard like the image, they have an option to like it or repin it. If they repin the image, it will appear on their own boards.
  4. Once they click on the image, it will take them back to your website.

As you have noticed the process of pinning is rather simple and there are only few new terms for you to get familiar with: pinboards, pins, pin it, pinning, bookmarklet, repining and pinners.

  • A pinboard is is a board to which you give a name. You can have as many boards as you want. For example, if you are in a cake business, you can create boards such as: wedding cakes board, birthday cakes boards, bachelorette cakes and so on.
  • A pin is an image or any other visual content added to Pinterest pinboard.
  • Repin means to re-post a pin.
  • Pinning is a process of sharing images.
  • Pin it button is placed on a website to encourage sharing on Pinterest.
  • Pinner is a person who shares visual content.
  • Bookmarklet is added to your tool bar so you can easily pin others people creative stuff.

Next are four easy steps you can apply already now to improve your presence on Pinterest.

1. Planning

Instead of posting only good articles to your website, plan how you could improve your posts by adding images, infographics, videos, presentations or a cover from your new brochures. Plan in advance what kind of high quality visually impressive content you can upload to your site. Just make sure that the image you upload is relevant to your niche and it accompanies your post. Once ready with your planning, remember to add Pin it button visible to your site for others to share your content.

2. Pinterest Profile

For start you could create a profile that clearly defines who you are. Use keywords in the profile so others can easily find you. Make sure you follow Pinterest terms of service, it is always good to play by the rules.

You can log in to Pinterest with your email address or by using Facebook and or Twitter profiles. This is great feature because users pinning your stuff can also share it on Facebook and or Twitter. Here is what you could have in your description:

  • Upload an image / logo
  • Write who you are and what your company does (an elevator speech could work here)
  • Add a description of your boards
  • Have a call to action, such as: Follow me!
  • Add your website address

3. Pinboards

Create pinboards that compliment your business and are closely related to your topic. You can have as many boards as you want, but start with five. Also you can create few boards which do not need to be industry or business related. Rather, they will tell a bit more about your company personality, values, what your company stands for and so on. These kinds of boards are also very engaging on an emotional level which means you can attract more pinners and promote your business even more. Check the most popular and most shared images on Pinterest and monitor your competitors. Find out how you can use this information to improve your boards and or pinning.

4. How to drive engagement

Observe what is popular in your niche and how other companies are engaging their Pinterest followers. That will give you an idea what kind of next step to make. You can also:

  • Ask people to like your pin in your post
  • Ask people to comment on your pin
  • Ask questions and let people answer to your board
  • Make an interesting contest
  • Run offers
  • Follow others on Pinterest and like, pin, repin or comment on their content

Have in mind that Pinterest is not about self promotion only. Actually that is the list what Pinterest is all about. To see positive results on Pinterest, pin other peoples stuff, upload shareable images on your website and let others pin your content on their boards.

After a while you would want to follow your traffic. Google Analytics is a free tool which can help you follow how much traffic you receive from Pinterest and what type of images are of most interest to your pinners. Another handy tool is Curalate which can provide you with a lot of info: who is pinning, liking or commenting your image.

PS: Do not forget to add pin it button to every page. Upload eye-catching images and remember: if you are using pin it button from your pages, every pin will include a link back to the source. Happy pinning and follow Nordic Search on Pinterest.

Article by: Daliborka Krstic