Infographic: The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors

Search Engine Land published and presented a nice new infographic about SEO ranking factors. These ranking factors, or signals, influence how search engines are rewarding different sites. Search engine optimization should ensure that the content generates right type of signals.

The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors summarizes the major factors to focus on to be able to success in your search engine optimization practice.

SEO-ranking-factorsThis is the condensed version. You can see the full version from here.


Data-visualization is a great way to deliver a message in a short and attention-grabbing manner. “A picture is worth 1000 words.”

An infographic is a graphical representation of an idea or a concept and can often tell a message more effectively than you can with words. It’s a good way to represent information in an interesting and high-impact way, and it can be much easier and faster to digest than a text-only version of the same information.

You have probably seen some infographics before, but here is one example that I very much like:

As you can see from that infographics, an infographic packages graphs, charts, other images and text into one image file. It makes the information easier to syndicate to other websites while maintaining the formatting.

An infographic is easy to embed on other websites so is is an attractive option for site owners using the content as well. And there is no risk for duplicate content because the image is not crawlable by the search engines.

An infographic that is visually appealing and attention-catching will have a high chance of being shared with friends online. A successful infographic is a great tool for link building and it will also increase traffic to the website and improve brand awareness.

Infographics in link building

An infographic is a great tool to be used in link building because of its ability to grab people’s attention and their willingness to share them via social media and blogs. A catchy infographic with the embed code provided immediately under it is easy to embed and share.

But how is it possible to use infographics successfully in link building if there is a lack of crawlability?

The key is to include a brief text under the image in the embed code that you provide to other site owners. A few different texts can be written, each using different keywords as the link text when linking back to your site.

Of course, the more interesting the infographic is, the greater the likelihood that people will want to share it with others either via social media or on their own sites.

What is a good infographic?

A good infographic should consist of data that is reliable and fresh. It should be gathered intelligently and represented in a surprising way giving information.

The design should be reader-friendly and you should pay attention to the users of your data. It is always good to have some professionals involved. Things to consider in the design are e.g. colours, font and images.

If the infographic doesn’t make you say “Wow” when you look at it, it’s not probably attractive enough.

It is important to review data and compile a design with a distinct point of view. An infographic should persuade and educate the viewer, without forgetting the quality design.

The URL where the infographic is hosted is equally important as the infographic.
 Know who your targets are and make sure that as many people as possible are exposed to the infographic.