SEO Malta, or Malta SEO?

This blog post is about SEO in Malta. The title illustrates the first question I confronted when I started writing the blog post: should I use “SEO Malta” or “Malta SEO”. (the answer would be “SEO Malta”, because it has more search volume)

The most natural would have been to choose “SEO in Malta”, but that phrase doesn’t have any search volume in Google. Tricky.

The purpose of this article is not to compare different keywords or -phrases, it is rather to talk a bit about the current situation regarding SEO in Malta, or lack of that. The fact is that this is not unique for Malta, in the Nordic countries SEO consultancy companies have the same problem with uneducated customers, and here we are supposed to be frontline in regards to Internet adaption and SEO skills.

Maltese companies understand the importance of internet and they are willing to create very nice websites. The problem is that once the website is created and live, it will be “left alone” just hoping and trusting that people will find it. Other option is that they believe the web developers can handle the optimization of the site, and the result is keyword-stuffed titles that are too long and similar for each page, too long meta descriptions, also keyword stuffed, and all the main keywords placed in the meta data for competitors to benchmark.

Many of the Maltese companies love flash, and unfortunately often their site navigation is built by using Flash. No good nor search engine friendly.

There are a number of web development companies in Malta that are offering also SEO services. These companies usually don’t have much clue about SEO but the fact that they can offer everything (design, development and SEO) from one company gives them a unique selling point.

The problem with poorly optimized websites in Malta is not only bad thing for the companies, it is also a bit annoying for people who live in or come to visit Malta. It is very hard to find information from Internet, whether it is regarding ferry or bus schedules, beauty salons, or online shops.

One would think that Malta is an ideal place for SEO companies: a lot of work to be done and not that much competition. The problem is to make the local companies to understand what SEO really is and the importance of it.