Remember Google Hangouts?

Consumers love to watch videos. If done right, with a very little investment video marketing can provide a huge marketing bang for a company.

To be effective, video making does not have to be too costly, long, or time consuming, not even too complex to make it. A company can choose to promote a product or a brand by making short entertaining videos or how-to educative set of videos.

There are a handful of online tools available to help companies creatively and effectively promote the business, such as Google + Hangouts.



Google Hangouts is a clever streaming tool for all those who are looking to create a video simply, easily and without much to-do.

Brands and individuals have been using Hangouts to promote a new product, to connect with tech people within the company, to get in touch with associates or to quickly review a new product with a selected group of people. With Hangouts, it is possible to connect up to ten users and simultaneously chat with each other. Video editing is also possible, once uploaded on YouTube. This is how to start “hangouts” in three easy steps:

  1. As soon as you log in to your Google + account, click the Start a Hangout button on the top of your screen (up-right). Once you hit the Hangout button, you will be reminded to install video PLUGIN (if you have not done it yet). When PLUGIN is installed, click again the Start a Hangout button on the top of your screen.
  2. Select and invite people by either entering their name or by clicking on their picture. If you want you can also invite groups, just select Google + circles from drop-down menu.
  3. Click Start a hangout.

Even though Google + might not be a first marketing choice to drive sales and brand awareness as Facebook for example, easy to use Google Hangouts is one feature which might spike up the interest.

Article by Daliborka Krstic