Welcome to Nordic Search blog


And welcome to the Nordic Search blog. As you probably already know, Nordic Search is an internet marketing consulting company with a main focus on SEO. The idea of this blog is “SEO for dummies”, but it will also keep you updated on what is happening in the whole online marketing industry.

Let me tell you a bit about myself… My name is Laura, I am the author of this blog and both founder and CEO of Nordic Search. I have a background in SEO consulting and online marketing. My previous employers are among the leading SEO companies in the world and most recognized and reputable Digital Advertising companies in Scandinavia. I have had the opportunity to get to know some of the best SEOs and online marketing specialists and work with them.

Nordic Search Ltd was founded in August 2011, everything started from a great opportunity and good contact network. Through Nordic Search’s vast partner network I am able to continue working with great people, the leading SEOs and online marketing specialists. The network enables Nordic Search to provide expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing, Online Display, Analytics and Social Media. Through the partner network we have a tight relationship with Google, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo.

We have Google certified employees and Google Analytics Certified Partners as well as former Google employees among our partners. This makes the relationship with Google very tight and enables us to offer great expertise in Google adwords and Google Analytics (GA) when it comes to Search Marketing.

Hope you enjoy reading the blog!