Link building

Link Building is an important part of optimization. It is a powerful way to get the website to rank higher in the search engines, because link popularity is one of the main factors major search engines use to rank websites.

Link building increases domain authority and website visibility, and helps getting faster and deeper indexation. It can also increase rankings in specific search phrases.

Nordic Search has world leading knowledge and experience in link building. We have been working hands-on with it in a most competitive segments (e.g. travel, credit cards, gaming) and training other SEOs to do it in a successful way.

Challenges of Link Building

Google updates, especially Penguin, have made link building more and more challenging. The quality of links is more important than ever.

There are new rules and regulations how to use press releases for link building, what kind of guest blogging is acceptable, how to optimize links, or should they be optimized at all, how can social media benefit your link building efforts and what kind of content promotion strategy would be optimal for you and your company.

“What’s really clear now as Google enforces its policies for good and bad links, for example, is that publishers are going to be pushed more and more into viewing link building as an integral component of brand building and vice versa, as a component of brand building is really smart link building. Those two things are going to be harder to separate.” (Matt Cutts)

Link clean-up

Websites that have been around for years now have managed to build themselves a vast link profile. Unfortunately link building techniques were much more “free” back in the days and the many, or most of the links do not meet the quality guidelines Google has set.

After Google rolled out the Penguin update, many website have been loosing their rankings due to their bad link profile. Companies that have previously using a lot of money for building links are spending today a lot to get those links away.

A big challenge is how to maintain rankings in the same time while removing links.